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Schlappen SCHL

Schlappen SCHL
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Colours: Black
Colours: White
Colours: Orange
Colours: Yellow
Colours: Red
Colours: Green Highlander
Colours: Purple
Colours: Blue (teal)
Colours: Fluorescent Orange
Colours: Fluorescent Yellow
Colours: Fluorescent Green
Colours: Sunburst
Colours: Chartreuse
Colours: Olive
Colours: Light Blue
Colours: Dark Blue
Colours: Kingfisher Blue
Colours: Dark Brown
Colours: Dark Green
Colours: Medium Olive
Colours: Fluorescent Pink
Colours: Fluorescent Red
Colours: Sunburst Yellow
These Hackles come from between the Saddle and tail of the rooster. They are long and wide and a good choice for classic salmon or saltwater flies.