Barry Ord Clarke's Flytyng Material Pack

Barry Ord Clarke's Flytyng Material Pack

This material pack has been out together with Barry Ord Clake to compliment his Fly Tying for beginner’s book. Contains all the materials needed to tie all 12 patterns in the book, 


Hooks (Vh111’s s12, 14 & 16. Vh131’s s10 & 12. Vh141’s s6 & 10. Vh152’s s10 & 12) Individually packed and labelled 

Lead wire, gold oval tinsel, gold wire, silver wire, black wire, copper wire, Gold holographic braid,

Genetic hackles (Brown, Black, Badger, Grizzly brown) Individually packed and labelled 

Cock hackle (Dun, Olive & Red Game)

Yellow tape eyes,

3.8mm gold beads,

3.2mm silver slotted tungsten beads,

Pearl krystal flash,

Para post & wing

Fl Green Chenille,

Black suede Chenille,

Olive rayon Chenille,

Peacock Dub,

Roe deer hair,

Zonker strip,

Hare mask,

Cock pheasant tail,

Peacock eye,

Elk hair,

Olive marabou,

CDC feathers,

Grey mallard flank,

Cellire no.1


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