Bulk Booby Eyes (x1000's)

Bulk Booby Eyes (x1000's)

Bulk packs of 1000 of our perfectly cut booby eyes


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Available Options

3.5mm Black
SKU: BBEY1000-021-DW
3.5mm Chartresue
SKU: BBEY1000-050-DW
3.5mm Green
SKU: BBEY1000-156-DW
3.5mm Orange
SKU: BBEY1000-280-DW
3.5mm Pink
SKU: BBEY1000-317-DW
3.5mm Red
SKU: BBEY1000-324-DW
3.5mm White
SKU: BBEY1000-391-DW
3.5mm Yellow
SKU: BBEY1000-395-DW
5mm Black
SKU: BBEY1000-021-CN
5mm Chartreuse
SKU: BBEY1000-050-CN
5mm Green
SKU: BBEY1000-156-CN
5mm Orange
SKU: BBEY1000-280-CN
5mm Pink
SKU: BBEY1000-317-CN
5mm Red
SKU: BBEY1000-324-CN
5mm White
SKU: BBEY1000-391-CN
5mm Yellow
SKU: BBEY1000-395-CN
7mm Black
SKU: BBEY1000-021-CP
7mm Chartreuse
SKU: BBEY1000-050-CP
7mm Green
SKU: BBEY1000-156-CP
7mm Orange
SKU: BBEY1000-280-CP
7mm Pink
SKU: BBEY1000-317-CP
7mm Red
SKU: BBEY1000-324-CP
7mm White
SKU: BBEY1000-391-CP
7mm Yellow
SKU: BBEY1000-395-CP
9mm Black
SKU: BBEY1000-021-DV
9mm Chartreuse
SKU: BBEY1000-050-DV
9mm Green
SKU: BBEY1000-156-DV
9mm Orange
SKU: BBEY1000-280-DV
9mm Pink
SKU: BBEY1000-317-DV
9mm Red
SKU: BBEY1000-324-DV
9mm White
SKU: BBEY1000-391-DV
9mm Yellow
SKU: BBEY1000-3-DV