Eumer S Tube Cone Head

Eumer S Tube Cone Head

The S Tube cone head is designed to fit over the Small plastic tubing, either clear or coloured.

Packs of 20 with a 2.1mm Ø hole 


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Available Options

Black / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-021-F
Black / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-021-E
Black / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-021-D
Fluorescent Green / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-121-F
Fluorescent Green / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-121-E
Fluorescent Green / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-121-D
Fluorescent Orange / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-126-F
Fluorescent Orange / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-126-E
Fluorescent Orange / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-126-D
Fluorescent Pink / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-128-F
Fluorescent Pink / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-128-E
Fluorescent Pink / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-128-D
Fluorescent Red / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-129-F
Fluorescent Red / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-129-E
Fluorescent Red / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-129-D
Fluorescent Yellow / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-137-F
Fluorescent Yellow / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-137-D
Gold / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-143-F
Gold / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-143-E
Gold / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-143-D
Silver / Large
SKU: 000EUSTC-348-F
Silver / Medium
SKU: 000EUSTC-348-E
Silver / Small
SKU: 000EUSTC-348-D