Frankie McPhillips Traditional Irish Dubbing

Frankie McPhillips Traditional Irish Dubbing

Traditional Irish Dubbing has been developed and used by Frankie Mc Phillips for over 25 years in tying flies commercially for the Irish market. The 48 shades will enable the fly dresser to tie the widest and most authentic range of Irish Trout and Salmon flies possible, from the old favourites, i.e. Mallard and Claret, Sooty and Golden Olives to the newer Bumble and Dabbler patterns


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Available Options

1 Light Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-508-Z
10 Brown Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-517-Z
11 Fiery Brown
SKU: 000FMIDP-518-Z
12 Fiery Brown
SKU: 000FMIDP-519-Z
13 Light Claret
SKU: 000FMIDP-520-Z
14 Medium Claret
SKU: 000FMIDP-521-Z
15 Dark Claret
SKU: 000FMIDP-522-Z
16 Black Claret
SKU: 000FMIDP-523-Z
17 Ballinderry Black
SKU: 000FMIDP-524-Z
18 Cow Dung
SKU: 000FMIDP-525-Z
19 Donegal Blue
SKU: 000FMIDP-526-Z
2 Medium Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-509-Z
20 Hot Orange
SKU: 000FMIDP-527-Z
21 Bright Yellow
SKU: 000FMIDP-528-Z
22 Yellow
SKU: 000FMIDP-529-Z
23 Red
SKU: 000FMIDP-530-Z
24 Black
SKU: 000FMIDP-531-Z
25 Insect Green
SKU: 000FMIDP-532-Z
26 Dark Green
SKU: 000FMIDP-533-Z
27 Bright Green
SKU: 000FMIDP-534-Z
28 Green Highlander
SKU: 000FMIDP-535-Z
29 Melvin Gosling
SKU: 000FMIDP-536-Z
3 Sotty Olive (Erne)
SKU: 000FMIDP-510-Z
30 Melvin Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-537-Z
31 Yellow Mayfly
SKU: 000FMIDP-538-Z
32 Natural Mayfly
SKU: 000FMIDP-539-Z
33 Corrib Mayfly
SKU: 000FMIDP-540-Z
34 Green Drake
SKU: 000FMIDP-541-Z
35 Lake Olive (1)
SKU: 000FMIDP-542-Z
36 Lake Olive (2)
SKU: 000FMIDP-543-Z
37 Purple Shrimp
SKU: 000FMIDP-544-Z
38 Magenta
SKU: 000FMIDP-545-Z
39 Bright Red
SKU: 000FMIDP-546-Z
4 Dark/Sooty Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-511-Z
40 Orange
SKU: 000FMIDP-547-Z
41 Orange Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-548-Z
42 Burnt Orange
SKU: 000FMIDP-549-Z
43 Malone's Fiery Brown
SKU: 000FMIDP-550-Z
44 Ballinderry Brown
SKU: 000FMIDP-551-Z
45 Ballinderry Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-552-Z
46 Yellow Dabbler
SKU: 000FMIDP-553-Z
47 Grey
SKU: 000FMIDP-554-Z
48 Dark Sedge Brown
SKU: 000FMIDP-555-Z
5 Golden Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-512-Z
6 Golden Bumble Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-513-Z
7 Dirty Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-514-Z
8 Donegal Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-515-Z
9 Green Olive
SKU: 000FMIDP-516-Z