Gherkes Products (Gink & Xink)

Gherkes Products (Gink & Xink)

Gehrke’s ® is now 30+ years old. It is the first commercially offered, safe, dry fly dressing that floated flies repeatedly. Its’ features and functions are unique in the world of chemistry and fly fishing. Gehrke’s  Gink ® has a specific gravity of only .77% that of water, which means it’s lighter than water. Gehrke’s ® is a liquid emulsifier that permeates deep into the body material of dry flies. It will either coat synthetics or penetrate fur or feather.

Xink ®  will eliminate the majority of the lead used in nymphs and wet fly patterns throughout the world if only everyone started using it. Gehrke’s XINK® is the only patented Fly Sink in the world. Gehrke’s XINK® is amazing because it is wetter than water without washing off, which was, until invented by George Gehrke, a chemical impossibility.

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Gink Box of 25 Bottles
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Gink Single Bottle
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Xink Box of 25 Bottles
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Xink Single Bottle
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