H20 Gliss n glow

H20 Gliss n glow

The iridescent flash that attracts like no other. The strands are corrugated so that when it reflects light, it simulates the scales of a fish. Just add a few strands of this durable flash to a wing or a tail to create an irresistible pattern

SKU: 000H20GG

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Available Options

SKU: 000H20GG-037-Z
Clear Ice
SKU: 000H20GG-062-Z
SKU: 000H20GG-143-Z
MOP Chartreuse
SKU: 000H20GG-248-Z
Mother of Pearl (MOP)
SKU: 000H20GG-251-Z
Mother of Pearl (MOP) Fuchsia
SKU: 000H20GG-639-Z
Mother of Pearl (MOP) Gold
SKU: 000H20GG-640-Z
Mother of Pearl (MOP) Orange
SKU: 000H20GG-641-Z
SKU: 000H20GG-324-Z
SKU: 000H20GG-348-Z