Mallard Duck drake grey flank selected (Grey Drakes / Silver Mallard)

Mallard Duck drake grey flank selected (Grey Drakes / Silver Mallard)

Silver Mallard Feathers are used for a range of patterns. These are selected A grade Feathers and uniform sizes.


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Available Options

Brown (Bronze Subs) / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-039-F
Brown (Bronze Subs) / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-039-E
Brown (Bronze Subs) / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-039-D
Green / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-156-F
Green / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-156-E
Green / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-156-D
Natural Grey / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-258-F
Natural Grey / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-258-E
Natural Grey / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-258-D
Olive / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-234-F
Olive / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-234-E
Olive / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-234-D
Orange / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-280-F
Orange / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-280-E
Orange / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-280-D
Red / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-324-F
Red / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-324-E
Red / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-324-D
Summer Duck Subs / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-362-F
Summer Duck Subs / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-362-E
Summer Duck Subs / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-362-D
Yellow / large
SKU: 000MDGFS-395-F
Yellow / medium
SKU: 000MDGFS-395-E
Yellow / small
SKU: 000MDGFS-395-D