Plush Fritz Mini 8mm

Plush Fritz Mini 8mm

A finer version of the standard plush, great for micro blobs, fabs and boobies.


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Available Options

Baby Pink / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-003-Z
Black / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-021-Z
Chartreuse / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-050-Z
Coral / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-073-Z
Fluorescent Green / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-121-Z
Fluorescent Orange / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-126-Z
Fluorescent Pink / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-128-Z
Fluorescent Yellow / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-137-Z
Golden Olive / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-152-Z
Hot Coral / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-186-Z
Olive / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-234-Z
Sunburst Orange / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-363-Z
Sunburst Yellow / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-364-Z
White/Pearl / 8mm
SKU: 000FAMPF-392-Z