Pro Dub yarn

Pro Dub yarn

Subtle coloured dubbing thread with interwoven pearl flash.


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Available Options

Pearl Ivory Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-298-BH
Pearl Olive Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-299-BH
Pearl Olive Box of 12
SKU: 0000PDYB-299-BI
Pearl Orange Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-300-BH
Pearl Peacock Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-301-BH
UV Claret Box of 12
SKU: 0000PDYB-377-BI
UV Claret Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-377-BH
UV Grey Box of 12
SKU: 0000PDYB-379-BI
UV Grey Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-379-BH
UV Rust Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-385-BH
UV White Spool
SKU: 0000PDYS-387-BH