Renomed Scissors

Renomed Scissors

Everything about Renomed scissors says quality. Manufacture, polishing, tempering and sharpening is all done by hand. The scissors are hand bent into shape not forged which means less waste making them a more sustainable product. All scissors are made from high quality, medical grade stainless steel.  Packed in attractive, bespoke high grade soft touch plastic pouch with euro slot, and grip seal.

Small - 9cm with 1.5cm blade, fine points.

Medium  - 11cm with 2cm blade, fine points.

Large -  15cm with 4cm blade, fine points.

Large Round Tip - 15cm with 4cm blade, rounded tips

Large Supercut -15cm with 4cm SERATED blade, rounded tips

XLB Fine Point - 15cm with 4.5cm blade, fine points

XLB Rounded tips - 15cm with 4.5cm blade, rounded tips

Braid Cutter - 2 cm blade, rounded tips - designed to cut braid, dyneema, GSP etc

Fly Tier Super cut with Big Loops - Medium 2cm blade, fine point




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Available Options

Braid Cutters
SKU: RNOME0011-000-Z
Fly Tier Supercut with Big Loops Curved
Fly Tier Supercut with Big Loops Straight
Large Curved
SKU: RNOME006-000-Z
Large Rounded Tip
SKU: RNOME007-000-Z
Large Straight
SKU: RNOME005-000-Z
Large Supercut
SKU: RNOME008-000-Z
Medium Curved
SKU: RNOME004-000-Z
Medium Straight
SKU: RNOME003-000-Z
Small Curved
SKU: RNOME002-000-Z
Small Straight
SKU: RNOME001-000-Z
XLB Fine Point
SKU: RNOME009-000-Z
XLB Rounded Tip
SKU: RNOME0010-000-Z