Silicone micro legs with pearl flake

Silicone micro legs with pearl flake

Stretch silicone with added pearl flakes, gives flies a pizazz!

SKU: 00000SML

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SKU: 00000SML-010-Z
Barred Chartreuse
SKU: 00000SML-008-Z
Barred Olive
SKU: 00000SML-011-Z
Barred Orange
SKU: 00000SML-012-Z
Barred Pearl
SKU: 00000SML-013-Z
Barred White
SKU: 00000SML-016-Z
Plain Black
SKU: 00000SML-021-Z
Plain Chartreuse
SKU: 00000SML-050-Z
Plain Fire Orange
SKU: 00000SML-116-Z
Plain Orange
SKU: 00000SML-280-Z
Plain Pearl
SKU: 00000SML-291-Z