Squirrel Dub Packets

Squirrel Dub Packets

Now available in the individual packets. This blend of spikey squirrel and SLF makes a super dubbing that will make your flies come alive!

SKU: 00000SDP

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Available Options

SKU: 00000SDP-021-Z
Bleached Ginger
SKU: 00000SDP-626-Z
Brown Olive
SKU: 00000SDP-040-Z
Burnt Orange
SKU: 00000SDP-044-Z
Dark Brown
SKU: 00000SDP-085-Z
Dark Olive
SKU: 00000SDP-092-Z
Golden Olive
SKU: 00000SDP-152-Z
Green Olive
SKU: 00000SDP-160-Z
Light Olive
SKU: 00000SDP-213-Z
Natural Grey
SKU: 00000SDP-265-Z
SKU: 00000SDP-234-Z
Rusty Brown
SKU: 00000SDP-336-Z