STF545 Stonfo attractor beads

STF545 Stonfo attractor beads

Soft enough to push over the head of a fly to add an instant hot head or tie in as usual.

SKU: 00STF545

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Available Options

Fluorescent Green / 3.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-121-CD
Fluorescent Green / 4.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-121-CG
Fluorescent Orange / 3.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-126-CD
Fluorescent Orange / 4.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-126-CG
Fluorescent Pink / 3.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-128-CD
Fluorescent Pink / 4.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-128-CG
Fluorescent Red / 3.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-129-CD
Fluorescent Red / 4.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-129-CG
Fluorescent Yellow / 3.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-137-CD
Fluorescent Yellow / 4.0mm
SKU: 00STF545-137-CG