The Feather Benders Nesting Hair Stackers

The Feather Benders Nesting Hair Stackers

From Italy comes the Nesting hair stacker set. Designed by Fly tying extraordinaire and author the 'Feather Bender' – Barry Ord Clarke these stackers will cover you for all your fly tying, stacking needs.

The sizes are as follows Blue Magnum, Red Large, Yellow/Gold Medium and Green Small, there is a separately available Silver which is extra small.

The name nesting comes from the fact that all the stackers fit together in the style of Russian dolls, which makes for good storage and transportation.

They are CNC machined from bar stock aluminium, have a very useful anti-static coating and come in a convenient pouch (made from pre loved waders)

The dimensions are Magnum 11.5 x 3.45cm, Large 9.7 x 2.9cm, Medium 7.7 x 2.3cm, Small 5.8 x 1.74cm & the Extra Small 4.1cm tall with an ID of 7mm

The extra small nesting hair stacker compliments the complete set and will fit into the small for storage and transportation. Great for stacking fine hair for tails, wings etc on small flies.


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Available Options

Micro (Single)
Set of 4 (Blue, Red, Yellow & Green)