The Klink by Hans Van Klinken

The Klink by Hans Van Klinken

The Extraordinary Flytying Genius of Hans Van Klinken

 The Klinkhåmer Special is probably the most popular fishing fly in the world today. It floats on the end of fly lines on salmon, trout or grayling rivers, from Britain to USA, and Scandinavia to Mongolia. This year marks the fly?s 40th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion, its creator Hans van Klinken has at last written his long-awaited first book.

Flyfishers for salmon, trout, grayling and coarse species will for the first time learn from Hans himself the secrets behind his miracle Klinkhåmer Special which has caught its fans hundreds and hundreds of fish: the thinking behind the design, the testing, the variations, the reasons for its remarkable success.

Full instructions for tying Hans? most important flies are included in his engaging and revealing account of his life in flytying and fishing.

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