TT (Turbo Translucent) chenille

TT (Turbo Translucent) chenille

Denser than cactus with no pearl just translucent and a gel core. Great for blobs, fabs & boobies.

SKU: 00000TCC

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Available Options

Black / 15mm
SKU: 00000TCC-021-Z
Fluorescent Chartreuse / 15mm
SKU: 00000TCC-118-Z
Fluorescent Hot Orange / 15mm
SKU: 00000TCC-122-Z
Fluorescent Pink / 15mm
SKU: 00000TCC-128-Z
Fluorescent Sunburst Yellow / 15mm
SKU: 00000TCC-134-Z
Fluorescent UV Clear / 15mm
SKU: 00000TCC-437-Z