UTC Midge Tinsel

UTC Midge Tinsel

A fine supported tinsel that con be use straight from a bobbin holder to tie tinsel bodied flies. Ideal for Perdigon syle flies Single spools or Boxes of 12


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Available Options

Black Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-021-BI
Black Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-021-BH
Blue Pearl Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-674-BI
Blue Pearl Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-674-BH
Copper Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-069-BI
Copper Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-069-BH
Gold Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-143-BI
Gold Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-143-BH
Green Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-156-BI
Green Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-156-BH
Pearl Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-291-BI
Pearl Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-291-BH
Pink Pearl Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-675-BI
Pink Pearl Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-675-BH
Rainbow Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-323-BI
Rainbow Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-323-BH
Silver Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-348-BI
Silver Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-348-BH
Yellow Pearl Box
SKU: 000ULTMT-676-BI
Yellow Pearl Spool
SKU: 000ULTMT-676-BH