UTC Ultra Wire brassie Type 1

UTC Ultra Wire brassie Type 1

Soft cooper wire in a brassie/Medium size and lots of great colours


Brassie Only Spool or Box of 12


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Available Options

Amber Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-001-BI
Amber Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-001-BH
Black Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-021-BI
Black Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-021-BH
Copper Brown Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-070-BI
Copper Brown Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-070-BH
Green Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-156-BI
Green Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-156-BH
Grey Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-163-BI
Grey Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-163-BH
Olive Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-234-BI
Olive Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-234-BH
Red Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-324-BI
Red Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-324-BH
Tan Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-366-BI
Tan Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-366-BH
Wine Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW1-393-BI
Wine Spool
SKU: 000ULTW1-393-BH