UTC Ultra Wire brassie Type 2

UTC Ultra Wire brassie Type 2

Neon coated ultra bright soft cooper wire in brassie size, super bright colours

Single Spools or Box of 12 Brassie/Medium Only


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Available Options

Chartreuse Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-050-BI
Chartreuse Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-050-BH
Gold Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-143-BI
Gold Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-143-BH
Hot Orange Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-189-BI
Hot Orange Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-189-BH
Hot Yellow Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-192-BI
Hot Yellow Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-192-BH
Metallic Blue Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-237-BI
Metallic Blue Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-237-BH
Silver Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-348-BI
Silver Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-348-BH
White Box of 12
SKU: 000ULTW2-391-BI
White Spool
SKU: 000ULTW2-391-BH