Veniard Bobbin Holders

Veniard Bobbin Holders

Ceramic Spigot - Top quality full Ceramic Tubed Bobbin Holder

CI - Bobbin holder with Ceramic Inserts each end of the tube

Lightweight CI - As above but a much lighter weight 

Spigot - the standard bobbin holder

Bullet Bobbin holder - simular to the Spigot but with either a flared or non flared tip

Flared disc - a standard bobbin holder with a nice thumb grip.


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Available Options

Bullet Bobbin Holder Flared
SKU: 0000BBHF-000-Z
Bullet Bobbin Holder Non Flared
SKU: 000BBHNF-000-Z
Ceramic Bobbin Holder
SKU: 0000CSBH-000-Z
CI Spigot Bobbin Holder
SKU: 000CISBH-000-Z
Flared Disc Bobbin Holder
SKU: 0000FDBH-000-Z
Light weight CI Spigot Bobbin Holder
Spigot Bobbin Holder
SKU: 00000SBH-000-Z