Veniard SLF Standard Dubbing Packet

Veniard SLF Standard Dubbing Packet

Synthetic living fibre is very popular due to its translucence and sparkle


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Available Options

01 Bright Green
SKU: 000SLFDP-460-Z
02 Green Highlander
SKU: 000SLFDP-461-Z
03 Insect Green
SKU: 000SLFDP-462-Z
04 Dark Green
SKU: 000SLFDP-463-Z
05 Medium Olive
SKU: 000SLFDP-464-Z
06 Dark Olive
SKU: 000SLFDP-465-Z
07 Green Olive
SKU: 000SLFDP-466-Z
08 Light Olive
SKU: 000SLFDP-467-Z
09 Olive Dun
SKU: 000SLFDP-468-Z
10 Golden Olive
SKU: 000SLFDP-469-Z
11 Brown Olive
SKU: 000SLFDP-470-Z
12 Dark Claret
SKU: 000SLFDP-471-Z
13 Fiery Claret
SKU: 000SLFDP-472-Z
14 Light Claret
SKU: 000SLFDP-473-Z
15 Hot Orange
SKU: 000SLFDP-474-Z
16 Fiery Orange
SKU: 000SLFDP-475-Z
17 Crimson
SKU: 000SLFDP-476-Z
18 Fiery Red
SKU: 000SLFDP-477-Z
19 Fiery Yellow
SKU: 000SLFDP-478-Z
20 Yellow
SKU: 000SLFDP-479-Z
21 Light Blue
SKU: 000SLFDP-480-Z
22 Kingfisher Blue
SKU: 000SLFDP-481-Z
23 Dark Blue
SKU: 000SLFDP-482-Z
24 Teal Blue
SKU: 000SLFDP-483-Z
25 Magenta
SKU: 000SLFDP-484-Z
26 Purple
SKU: 000SLFDP-485-Z
27 Violet
SKU: 000SLFDP-486-Z
28 Grey
SKU: 000SLFDP-487-Z
29 Iron Grey
SKU: 000SLFDP-488-Z
30 Blue Dun
SKU: 000SLFDP-489-Z
31 Dark Grey Dun
SKU: 000SLFDP-490-Z
32 Summer Duck
SKU: 000SLFDP-491-Z
33 Gold
SKU: 000SLFDP-492-Z
34 Brassy Gold
SKU: 000SLFDP-493-Z
35 Fiery Brown
SKU: 000SLFDP-494-Z
36 Dark Brown
SKU: 000SLFDP-495-Z
37 Rust Brown
SKU: 000SLFDP-496-Z
38 Cinnamon
SKU: 000SLFDP-497-Z
39 Beige
SKU: 000SLFDP-498-Z
40 Ginger
SKU: 000SLFDP-499-Z
41 Black
SKU: 000SLFDP-500-Z
42 White
SKU: 000SLFDP-501-Z
43 Fluorescent Yellow
SKU: 000SLFDP-502-Z
44 Fluorescent Red
SKU: 000SLFDP-503-Z
45 Fluorescent Orange
SKU: 000SLFDP-504-Z
46 Fl Lime Green
SKU: 000SLFDP-505-Z
47 Fluorescent Pink
SKU: 000SLFDP-506-Z
48 Natural Seal
SKU: 000SLFDP-507-Z